November 2015

A baby, indoor camping, and Wayne’s World. Six days of freedom from classes provided me with just enough time to explore a few different adventures.
I recently became an aunt, #blessed,and so I ventured to the East End of Toronto, AKA familyville, to visit with my niece, Elliott, and to fill my camera roll up with pictures of baby hands. I spent hours ogling over this tiny human, both shocked and impressed that my bother made it and in awe that babies exist at all. baby hands
Ellie and I quickly became best friends, she taught me how to vogue, and I taught her how to sleep in any position.


We chatted about boys and what we thought about our girl Hil being bullied. Ellie was more political than I expected, but what can you expect from a two week old?
Later in the week I was looking for some love so I finally got to go on #datenight. We ended up at the magical Shops at Don Mills, which is magical for me because of the plethora of restaurants.

Later on, we ditched the overpriced movie theatre, for some indoor camping. Let me tell you, the real adventure comes with trying to remember how to assemble a tent. Spoiler Alert: I loved the idea, but slept in a bed.

The end of the week was marked my former favourite holiday. In University I was deeply attached to Halloween.

I loved the hype, the planning of the costumes, and coming together with all of my friends at a gigantic costume party. I guess this is very classic #basiccollegegirl of me, but I loved it and am proud of those years.

Now that I am out into the real world, Halloween is harder. I have to make my own plans, drive a car, and spend more money. Halloween just aint what it used to be.

Nevertheless I got suckered into participating and on Saturday gave ode to one of the best classics of all time: Wayne’s World.

I got to wear all of my normal clothes, and shout “PARTY ON!” at passerbys- so all-in-all the night didn’t suck.

I didn’t do a lot of reading, but I have now have a few more stories to add to my future autobiography.

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