September 2015

At this point in one way or another we have all heard about the migrant/refugee crisis that is stretching from the Middle East across Europe, and into North America. Here’s a quick, broken down summary of whats been going on. The Islamic State or ISIS have been terrorizing middle eastern countries for awhile. This past year things have gotten worse. Syria was hit especially hard as was Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, family, and belongings to escape the violence and terror that ISIS brings. With it’s proximity to Northern Africa and the Middle East, Europe has been flooded by a stream of refugee’s and migrants. This has lead to an international debate about what should and needs to be done. How many refugee’s should a country let in? Should the process be immediate? What can we do to help these people? All of these questions have been floating around and governments from around the world have started meeting with one another to begin to answer them.


I believe one of the most powerful tools in ANY situation is education and knowledge. Knowledge is power. Education brings awareness and helps dispel ignorance and prejudice. For these reasons I am a massive fan of Brandon and his initiative ‘Humans of New York’  or HONY for short. Brandon spends most of his time in New York, but often travels, and highlights stories of people he meets through photographs. Most recently he has been showcasing the stories of refugee’s trying to make their way across the world. I say refugee and not migrant because these people are fleeing their countries out of fear and danger. This is not a choice. I’ve been blown away by the stories he’s captured and the humanity he’s shown within this chaotic world.
If you haven’t checked out HONY before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out this series:

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